Video Production

For communication and tutorials

For communication and tutorials
What We Do

We produce high quality films for marketing purposes, communication as well as education and training.

Whether it is a short tutorial, a teaser video or a corporate movie, our highly experienced team of artistic directors, video directors, editors and sound designers strive to meet our clients’ needs and convey their intentions in a creative and engaging way.

We use advanced cinematic techniques to ensure all parameters are met with the highest quality and precision.

With 14 years of expertise in video production for healthcare industry, we are familiar with GMP facilities and the gowning process for pharmaceuticals, labs environment, operating rooms for medical, as well as studio for cosmetics.
How We Do
How We Do

1. Write the Storytelling

A great movie starts with a good story. With 14 years of experience in healthcare industries, we have written hundreds of great stories for many different purposes.

2. Record the Voice Over

Once the script has been validated, we provide our client with several samples of voice over, depending on their request. We then go to a studio and record the voice-over with a professional.

3. Edit a Storyboard

With the client, we edit the storyboard in the most detailed way as possible.

4. Choose the Moodboard

We provide our client with several moodboards and, depending on the values we want to convey through the video, we choose the most appropriate one.

5. Make the Shooting

With our experienced team, and according to the moodboard, we determine the camera setup, lenses, and lights configuration we will use for the shoot. We then produce the best images according to the storyboard.

6. Video Editing

We start the post-production with the de-rushing, then we make a first long edit, so the client can select the best one. We then make a second edit with the best images, the right flow and the right timing including the voice-over.

7. Color Calibration and Video Tuning

We then go to a studio dedicated to color calibration to ensure that the video looks like the validated moodboard. We then proceed with the video editing.

8. Sound Design

Once the video is fully validated, we finalize with the music, sound design and voice over mastering.

What For

We produce videos for the healthcare industries. For pharmaceutical and CDMO companies, we create nice corporate movies to showcase their labs and facilities as well as their expertise.

For medical companies we film surgeries or create teaser videos for marketing campaigns for a new HCP launch.

Finally, in the beauty and cosmetics industry, we can create tutorials for social media, commercials, and studio packshots for marketing campaign, as well as formulation videos for labs.

We strive to find the perfect balance between quality, creativity, and efficiency to create beautiful videos that fit our clients’ expectations and budget.

At each stage of the production process, from receiving the client’s brief, writing the script, designing the storyboard, styleboard and moodboard, to post-production, we accompany our clients throughout their marketing projects and strive to convey their intent by working in total collaboration with them. Our goal is to produce engaging and meaningful videos that truly fit their identity and will help them meet their goals.

You are in healthcare industry and you would like to realise a beautiful video?

What For
To know more about our digital marketing solutions and set up a meeting to discuss your marketing project, do not hesitate to check out our projects and contact us!
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