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We drive creativity beyond technical limits

We drive creativity beyond technical limits
What We Do

Digital and technologies have become very important for marketing in general and even more in healthcare industries.

With a strong experience in digital technologies, we are a market leader in developing and providing innovative digital solutions for healthcare industries.

Ranging from educational and training purposes to internal communication and external marketing campaigns, we seek to help our clients promote their products, solutions and devices in an impactful way.

Thanks to our 14 years of expertise in curating and providing digital marketing solutions to the healthcare & beauty industries, we possess an unparalleled knowledge in the field.

What Techonolgies
What Techonolgies

Olfactory Virtual Reality - Perfums & Retails

You want to create a unique immersive experience to present your company, products or facilities during an event? With more than 10 years of experience in this area, we can create for your customers amazing games and stories in Virtual Reality to create an engaging and unique immersive experience they will never forget. We will also focus on the ROI and define the experience according to the context and objectives. We have also invented olfactive virtual reality for perfumers, by connecting the Virtual Reality experience to a multi sensorial air freshener. Depending on what you do in the game, you will smell the perfume accordingly.

Online Virtual Tour - CDMO

As a pharma company you need to show your facilities for Audit, inspection, new arrivals and customers. With a very long experience in 360 and XR solutions (VR, AR…), we have developed the best innovative solution for you, the “Online Virtual touR”. This complete solution includes the Visit of your facilities like Google Street View or real estate visit, interactive hotspot videos in augmented reality to show your expertise. All this integrated into a ludic interface to navigate according to technologies, phases, sites location….

Haptic Virtual Simulator - Medical Training

You are a medical device provider and you need to train your clients? Simulation is a cornerstone of medical training. Through the provision of high-fidelity virtual haptic machines and simulators, we provide our clients a fully integrated digital learning platform. We have connected our state-of-the-art haptic operating systems with our simulation facilities, blending virtual reality with training on physical assets.

Video box & video brochure - Product launch

Our digital kit is the best and complete solution for promoting a health care product and training the surgeons. It includes 3D promotional and training videos for the surgeon at the opening of the box, as well as testimonials and pedagogical videos for the patient. Also, in the box, several communication supports to educate patients. These supports can be used by the surgeon in his office or directly in the waiting room as a stand alone.

Tangible Table

You are exhibiting at a congress and need an engaging solution to present your solutions? The tangible table is the best innovation for promoting and selling. It is very ludic, business oriented and eye catching. It is a multiuser device, to engage with several people in a very playful manner and offering a fully customisable experience including datas tracking.

Mixed & Augmented Reality

With the new mixed reality headsets, welcome to a new world of creativity without limit. We can now combined the advantage of augmented reality and virtual reality to create unlimited experiences. It can be for training, retails and visit experiences, congresses...

Why & How

Digital and technologies have become very important for marketing in general and even more in healthcare industries.

Our healthcare and beauty clients need supports and solutions for different needs such as marketing, communication, eduction and training. And because we deal with high knowledge topics such as science, biology, medical…, we need to make it clear, correct and engaging.

We seek to help our clients promote their products, solutions and devices in a very impactful and playful way thanks to digital and technologies.

Listening to marketers, sales, doctors, patients, consumers, scientists… our goal is to provide our healthcare and beauty clients worldwide with smart and 360° solutions.

Indeed, with our engineers, developers and creatives we develop, produce, fully integrated, engaging, meaningful and unique digital solutions, catered for different needs such as marketing, training, education…

Not only we are using the latest technologies available on the market, but we have also been developing innovative technologies for 14 years.

Why & How
You are looking for an agency you can trust to provide you with meaningful marketing solutions using innovative and creative technologies? Feel free to check out our projects and reach out to us!
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