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Promotion of a Functional Technology

Createen has a long experience in creating immersive experience and animation for active cosmetic providers. To promote their new cosmetic technology, SeaGel®, Dupont asked Createen to create a 360° immersive animation.

Dupont is one of the world’s largest chemical company. They make essential innovations the world needs now. From protective equipment, to delivering clean water and enabling smarter, faster electronics, they use science and innovation to make so many of the things you use every day possible. At DuPont, they work to make the world safer, healthier and more enjoyable.

For the Incosmetics Global, the leading cosmetic trade show for personal care ingredients, Dupont (IFF) asked Createen to create an animation to present their Seagel technology, but in an innovative way. We chose with the client to create a 360° immersive animation because in 2018, it was an innovative solution which is perfect to promote a technology.

You have a new ingredient or technology and you need a 360° animation to present it?

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June 2018
Product launch at Incosmetics Global
Promotion of Functional Ingredient
Seagel Technology
360° immersive animation
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Production Director
3D Modeler
360° Sound Design
How we did it

Createen has a very long experience in creating 3d animation and immersive experience such as VR for instance.

If we want to promote it during an event by targeting a maximum people with the best ROI, we need an easy set up. The 360° animation is a perfect solution for that.

Indeed, we can offer an immersive experience with a limited time and it is very easy to set up with no space needed.

Dupont opted for that option for their booth at the Incosmetics Global. They wanted to promote a new technology, SeaGel® soft capsule technology, using a short 360°animation.

For this type of project, it starts as usual with a nice story. The objective was to promote the technology through its natural origine, advantages, markets and claims, manufacturing, specifications and requirements to transfer the technology.

We also wanted to show the experts of Dupont and integrate them into the animation.

In collaboration with the client, we decided to go with as the objective is not to show the facilities but more the process, the expertise and the technology. So we modelled everything in 3D with a futuristic and technological look and feel.

Once the storyboard was validated, we created the animation with 3D rendering in 360°.

The introduction talks about the origin (sourcing) of the SeaGal® technology that is extracted from an algae in an island environment.

We then represented a futuristic lab with 3D modeling to present the advantages of the technology.

We then move to the Pilot lab of Dupont were we show the equipments required to manufacture with SeaGal® technology and we explain that Dupont experts work to fine tune the process to their client specifications.

We end this video wiht a call to action by seing a Dupont scientist inviting visitors to contact them. We filmed the scientist(s) with a chromakey technic in their Lab in Massachusetts and integrated them into the 3D animation.

In this experience, we used 360° sound design to improve the immersion.

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Dupont (IFF)
Strategic Marketing

Hi Team, Congratulations! The video is amazing. Great job.
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