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Here  at Createen, one of our specialties is to use the latest innovative technologies to create successful event projects for our clients. For the InCosmetics Global show, Dow asked Createen to promote their five new formulas.

Dow is a materials science leader committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for customers in packaging, infrastructure and consumer care. They also advise their customers and guide them on their choices of ingredients for their futur products’ formulas.

Createen has developed multiple videos for Dow with different techniques such as 3D Animation for different promotions, and teaser movies, for example to tease their presence on a previous show.
Every year, Dow present their innovation during the Incosmetics Global, the leading cosmetic trade show for personal care ingredients. At this edition, Dow wanted to present 5 new formulas with thanks to a digital application. They asked Createen to develop this application but also to make this attractive and fun.

Createen decided to replace the traditional touch screen and tablets by a Tangible Table, a multitouch table with object recognition. This is a more attractive, playful and powerful technology to present in a very ludic way several products to several users at the same time.

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Project Credits
Project Date
April 2019
Incosmetics Global
Digital Technologies
Tangible Table
Project Manager
Graphic Designer
3D Animator
UX Designer
How we did it

The story

We work with Dow every year for the Incosmetics show and this year the objective was to present 5 formulas of cosmetic via an application, and of course to attract people on the booth. Instead of developing a classic application we chose to go with the tangible table, a multitouch table with object recognition, to make Dow’s booth more attractive and transform it into a ludic presentation.

We developed an application directly on the table. With this table, 5 users could play at the same time to discover more about the formulas.

Instead of using the real products that have different shapes of packaging we decided to produce 5 token, very nice plexi (or cristal) object printed at the bottom with the visual of each product. The experience is much nicer, we can use the rotative mode. Moreover, it was the first congress where Dow presented their new branding. So printing on these token was another way to promote it.

There’s no technology more appropriate than the tangible table to engage the audience and attract visitors passing by. Indeed, to see several users interacting with content physically at the same time around the same table in a very playful manner is very catchy.

The event 

On the booth at the InCosmetic show, we helped Dow thanks to Christelle, the hostess who was in charge of explaining the use and purposes of the table. Christelle previously assisted to the marketing brief of Dow with the marketing direction to present the animation to the sales staff who would be present at the show, which allowed us to make sure that everyone would be fully operational on the D-Day. Christelle was also here as a support for the sales staff for any need or question during the event,  and she was assisted by a technician in case there would be any technical issue with the table.

Creative and professional studio

The tangible table is like a huge led touch pad of  55 inches. Our table had several particularities: first, we chose to make it a multitouch table, which means that several users could interact with it at the same time. But it also had a system of object recognition integrated into it.

We produced 5 customized plexi/crystal cylinders to represent the formulas, on which we printed two things; first, a cool visual template that we declined for each of the 5 formulas, in order to have a visual coherence and save on the production costs, and then at the bottom of each token, facing the table, we printed QR Codes.

Those QR Code were being read by the 30 infrared cameras placed under the screen, which automatically launched the presentation application of the formula on the screen.

Once a token is put on the table, the application menu lands on the table with a tactile menu we can browse.

The token was a real tool to complete the table: if you take it off the table, the menu disappears, if you put it back it reappears the same way, and you can also use it to travel through the menu, by rotating it from right to left and reversed, and select the page you want to see.

This was made possible thanks to the 3 points in the QR Code that allowed the camera to spot the position of the menu.

Development of the apps

We not only have a creative studio with very professional graphic designers and animators, but also talented developers and engineers to create and personalize digital solutions such as tangible table, virtual reality, augmented reality, applications… For this project, our developers used the Unity software to develop the system that allowed the token to be tracked by the infrareds and the applications on them to be landed.

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