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For training and promotion of HCPs

For training and promotion of HCPs
What We Do

3D animation has become crucial in healthcare communication. Within our 14 years of experience in healthcare industries, we have created many different formats of animation for marketing purposes, communication as well as education and training.

Weather it is for Mode Of Action (MOA), surgical procedure, Beauty and Medical Equipment, packshot, consumer stories cartoon… our highly experienced team of 3D artistic directors, 3D designers, 3D modeler, 3D animators and FX endeavours to answer our clients’ needs and convey their intent in a creative and engaging manner.

Createen has a very strong scientific and medical background and community to support its client of all healthcare industries, with the production of marketing content. Moreover, the creative studio in Paris is composed of very creative people from the project managers to the graphic designers and animators.

Specialised in healthcare industries, with scientific and medical background, we design specific 3D animations for science, MOA, surgery training, medical and beauty equipment, perfumes, cosmetics…

You need a 3D animation but you want a creative agency with a strong scientific and medical background?

What For
What For

Medical Equipment - Promotion

We create a 3D model of your medical equipment and edit a teaser to present the best features of the equipment. We also edit several short clips to present in details all the features of this equipment.

Medical Surgery - Training

With our partners (surgeons, doctors...), we create animations to train your clients on new surgical procedures.

Actives (Pharma, Cosmetics, Food) - MOA

We vulgarise and illustrate the best way possible the Mode Of Action of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for Pharmaceuticals, Active ingredients for Cosmetics, Functional Ingredients for Food and Health.

3D Consumer Stories

For final cosmetic brands, we create nice stories and 3D cartoons to present the scientific background and advantages of a cosmetic.

Packshot (Cosmetics, Perfums) - Ads

We create for BtoC Cosmetic brands or Perfums 3D packshots animations designed for advertisement.

Why Us

Scientific and Medical background

Thanks to our 14 years of expertise in providing 3D animation to the healthcare & beauty industries, we possess an unparalleled knowledge in the field. We are part of a strong medical and scientific community in Europe (Switzerland…) and we work closely with leading surgeons and doctors, scientists and professors, as well as medical supports and engineers with an extensive experience and strong knowledge of the industry to obtain firsthand counseling.

This very strong knowledge is one of the key success of Createen and makes the agency enable to support its client with the production of marketing content for all healthcare industries and make sure they will not loose time with many back and forth with regulatory, r&d, doctors, product manager, training…

We strive to find the perfect balance between marketing and science when designing 3D animations for our healthcare & beauty clients by telling good stories that are scientifically correct and easy to understand.

Creative and professional studio

Whatever the industry (cosmetics, pharma, medical, health) it all starts with a good story.

The other main skill of Createen is the creative studio team, based in Paris. Composed of very experimented and creative people, we make sure to tell the best stories and create the most beautiful animations.

Our project management team will first take care of every steps of the preproduction process, from the reception of the client’s brief, script writing, conception of the storyboard, styleboard and moodboard, voice over selection…

They will then lead the production and postproduction with our 3D modelers, 3D animators, visual FX designers, sound designers…

Our goal is to produce engaging and meaningful 3D animations that are easy to understand, beautiful and scientifically and technically right.

Why Us
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