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Createen has a 14 years experience in creating 3D Medical Animation for global Medical Equipment providers. For the ESCRS, Alcon asked Createen to promote their new Refractive Suite.

Alcon is the world’s leading eye care company, dedicated to helping people see the world in all its glory. With more than 70 years of experience, they are the largest manufacturer of ocular medical devices in the world, active in the complementary fields of surgery and contactology.

We develop for Alcon 3D medical animations to promote most of their medical equipments such as LuxOR Revalia, Ngenuity, Constellation, Centurion, ORA VErifEye+, as well as technologies and surgical instruments such as Ultravit beveled tip 10K, Dual pneumatic system, Illumin-i, AMP Led system, Data Fusion…

This time, for the congress of ESCRS in 2021, Alcon asked Createen to create a 3D medical animation to present their new medical equipment launch, the Refractive Suite. Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) is a major event in ophthalmology in Europe.

We produce the video with a 4K resolution to be displayed on a screen wall to get the best from it.

You have a new medical equipment and would like to promote it with a beautiful 3D medical animation?

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Product launch at ESCRS
Promotion of Medical Equipment
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3D Medical Animation
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Compliance of the claims

What ever the industry (cosmetics, pharma, medical, health) it all starts with a good story.

But in Medical, it is also and most of all about regulatory. National regulations provide for specific requirements as for the advertisement of medical devices.

Createen has a network of consultants who get insight on the laws and regulations governing the marketing and promotion of medical devices in the different regions. It helps our clients to keep in compliance with these laws in order to effectively support them with marketing and claims.

This is a main skill for Createen to support its client with the production of marketing content and make sure they will not loose time with many back and forth with regulatory.

Good understanding of medical technologies

Createen not only guaranty its clients to keep in compliance but it is also in its DNA to provide with creative stories as well as technical and precise informations.

Medical equipment are very complex and embarque numerous technologies that offers lots of advantages to health care professionals (HCPs). This is why it is important for us to be familiar with engineering and medtech to deeply understand the different technologies and promote them in a creative but technically correct manner.

To end with, our network of partners including surgeons, familiar with the different equipment we promote, help us to really understand their experience with the different technologies and medical device and this is as well very important not only for sales reps but also for marketing content.

This enables us to provide our client with good storytelling and storyboard, including disclaimers and references, as well as moodboard for look and feel of the pictures.

Creative and professional studio

Alcon is one of the main actors in the different areas and always gets one of the largest stand on congresses like ESCRS with usually big 4K screen walls.

In order to create this type of 3D animation, with a very high level of details and extreme quality, we never use any industrial 3D model which are designed for manufacturing.

We organised a photo shoot at the showroom of Alcon, in Geneva, to get as much as possible pictures. We use a special technic to get pictures we need but we do not need a professional camera. That is why for some equipment, only based in US, we helped our client to do the pictures for us with a smartphone as long as the process is respected.

Thanks to these pictures, our 3D modeler created digital 3D model of the equipments with a 3D modeling program.

Once the files are created, our animator creates the scenes and makes the animations according to the validated storyboard. If there is a voice over, this will define the timing for each scene.

Once the Editing is validated, we tune the animation design thanks to 2 main steps that are most of the time too much ignored.

We first add the texturing and lighting on the equipment to provide depth and realistic rendering.

Then, we tune the animation with our visual FX designer by creating complex motions or elements that are too difficult or even impossible to be 3D animated manually or motion-captured. It is like finishing when you do work in your apartment.

At last and not least, if the animation is used as a stand alone except for congresses, our sound designer will proceed with mastering of the voice over and music.

Marketing Surgical International

It was a pleasure to work with Createen, a dynamic team that was able to transcribe our vision through a rhythmic, modern teaser that had a lot of success internally.
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