3D biology animation

MOA of an Active Cosmetic Ingredient

Createen has been creating 3D biology animations for years. For the Incosmetics Global, Mibelle asked Createen to create an animation to promote their new active ingredient, Alpine Rose.

Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland designs and develops unique, high-quality actives for the beauty, nutraceutical and food industry which are based on naturally derived compounds and extensive scientific expertise.

We work with Mibelle since several years to create 3D biology animations to promote their active cosmetic ingredients. This time the product is for Alpine Rose, the first cosmetic ingredient based on the novel anti-ageing concept of senolytics.

You need a creative agency with scientific background to help you create a 3D animation for MOA in biology, anatomy or physiology?

Project Credits
Mibelle Biochemestry
Project date
October 2019
Product launch at Incosmetics Global
Promotion and Vulgarisation MOA
Alpine Rose Active
3D Biology animation
Project Manager
Lisa, Cedric
3D Animator
Lighting and Texturing
Visual FX
How we did it

Scientific vulgarisation

During the briefing session, our expert consultant (doctor, surgeon, biologist…) will be attending and ask for more details if need be. Most of the time there are some questions which will help the client (R&D) and us to go deeper into the MOA.

Depending on the client objectives, targets, contexts, we find the best compromise between science and marketing to provide with a good story that is scientifically correct and understandable. It of course depends on if this is for a MOA, training…

The story

Createen has been creating 3D biology animation for healthcare companies for many years, including medical, health, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics. Whatever it is for it all starts with a good story.

Thanks to our long experience in the different areas, we provide our client with different storytelling and approaches so they can choose the flow they want to fit their needs and to differentiate from competitors.

The moodboard

For a 3D biology animation, we need to define the artistic direction and the look and feel depending on the graphic guideline, the values, the claims, the targets, the level of details we want to show, the scientific area (cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical) … To do so, we provide with moodboards to help our clients to choose the graphic style that best match their needs.

The styleboard

For a 3D biology animation, more than for physiology or anatomy, we need to define the shape of the molecules or cells we want to represent. Indeed, for some reason (simplicity…), clients do not want to represent the same way a molecule or a specific cell, so we create style board to help our clients choose the best representation according to their needs.

The storyboard

During the editing of the storyboard, which includes the script for the voice over and the pictures for the animation, we will describe very precisely the animation to win precious time and budget. Indeed, it is worth spending more time on the storyboard than making numerous backs and forth with the 3D biology animation renderings. To do so, and thanks to our expert consultant questions, we will go in every little detail to make sure we will create a correct animation at the first editing. It never avoids a second version at least for graphic details but at least the first version is very close to the final one.

The strength of our team is not only to create beautiful 3D biology animation, but to make them clear and scientifically correct. This false simplicity is possible thanks to a long experience of our management team in creating scientific and technical storyboards.

Creative and professional studio

The second key element needed to create a successful 3D biology animation is the design. Our creative team based in our agency in Paris has a long experience in creating 3D biology animation as well as anatomy, physiology, for different areas such as cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical.

To start with, as usual in production, we will start with the voice over recording (if some) once the script is validated. To do so, our management team would have provided our client first with several options for the voice and the client chose the one he prefers.

In the meantime, our 3D modeler will create 3D model of each element of the 3D biology animation such as molecules and cells, thanks to the style-board our management team designed.

Then, our 3D animator will edit the animation according to the detailed storyboard and using the recorded voice over.

Once validated, this first version will then be tuned with lighting and texturing, FX and sound design. If the 3D biology animation is mixed with stock footages, a color calibration is needed to make them consistent.

Scientific Marketing

We have worked with Createen on several projects in the past and it has always been a great experience. The project initiation and planning is cooperative and runs very smoothly, the collaboration is very proactive, with much input and creativity, and of particular note, their responsiveness is quick and on point. We look forward to work with them on future projects again.
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