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LPG, the world leader in cellular stimulation, offers state of the art technologies for health, beauty and wellbeing. We collaborated with them to create a video tutorial to inform LPG’s clients about the launch of their new product – the Wellbox S.

The video tutorial primarily intended to be used as material to guide LPG’s end customers on how to use their new personal skincare product Wellbox S, a medical device that helps detoxing and replumping the skin. The tutorial video aims to showcase the different features and characteristics of Wellbox S, as well as its benefits on the physical appearance and health of the skin.

The video was shot by our highly experienced creative team in premium quality 4K video resolution using various cinematic techniques to highlight the quality and efficiency of Wellbox S.

In order to emphasize Wellbox S’s action on the skin and show end customers how to properly use it, we relied on augmented reality tracking to add an explanatory overlay consisting of arrows and other symbols. In addition to augmented reality tracking, motion design was used to visually represent the settings configuration of the personal skincare product.

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November 2016
Education and Promotion
Tutorial Video
Project Manager
Director of Photography
Steady Cam
2d animator
Production manager
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Createen create tutorial videos for beauty and formulation
We produce tutorial videos for beauty companies and cosmetic labs
tutorial video shooted in premium quality 4K resolution with motion design
video tutorial for beauty and fomulation
How we did it

Thanks to our 10+ years of expertise in curating and providing digital marketing solutions for the healthcare & beauty industry, we possess an unparalleled knowledge in the field. We are part of a strong medical and scientific community in Europe and work closely with leading dermatologists, estheticians and cosmetologists with a strong knowledge of the industry and extensive experience in the field  to obtain firsthand counseling about specific medical procedures, products or devices.

Whether it is a short and dynamic teaser video or a long and detailed informative corporate movie, our creative team based in Paris always strives to deliver quality content.

To create this B2C video tutorial for LPG, our creative team worked closely with highly experienced cinematographers, video producers, directors, editors, and sound designers.

At each step of the production process, which goes as follows:

  • Script writing
  • Storytelling
  • Storyboard (structure of the video)
  • Mood board (styles, colors and fonts of the video)
  • Style Board (recreational design of the video)
  • Movie Production (shooting,editing, color calibration)
  • 2D animation with VFX
  • Augmented Reality tracking
  • Sound Design

we ensured we met the objectives of our client LPG to convey their needs and intent in an impactful manner through our exemplary content curation and storytelling.

Through a constant communication with our client, we endeavored to create a purposeful video tutorial that would serve as a guide for end customers by presenting the Wellbox S in a convincing and visually pleasing manner using high quality technologies.

LPG - France
Medical & Scientific department

Since 2008, I have always counted on Createen for their professionalism, creativity and top-notch service. Amazing team!
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