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Lonza is one of our clients and a global leader in the chemicals and biotechnology industry. They specialize in pharmaceuticals and providing CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) services. We collaborated with them to create a corporate movie to inaugurate their new pharmaceutical laboratory in Basel.

Lonza required the creation of a corporate movie in order to satisfy two different needs. Initially, the corporate movie was to be put online on the occasion of their new pharmaceutical laboratory’s grand opening that was broadcasted live. It was then used for internal communication purposes, more specifically by Lonza’s human resources department for its recruitment efforts.

The corporate movie also aimed to present Lonza’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, scientific research, technologies and services through an engaging narrative.

Therefore, to meet Lonza’s various objectives, the corporate movie was shot in premium quality 4K resolution, using different cinematic techniques. The shooting was done in Basel over the course of a week by our highly experienced creative team of cinematographers and video directors.

Moreover, in order to present Lonza’s different facilities, offers and working conditions in a more personal and down to earth manner to potential prospects and employees, the traditional voice-over was replaced by real-life testimonials of scientific researchers and employees.

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December 2020
Grand opening
Corporate Movie
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Corporate movie shooted in premium quality 4K resolution
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How we did it

Thanks to our 10+ years of expertise in curating and providing digital marketing solutions for the healthcare & beauty industry, we possess an unparalleled knowledge in the field. We are part of a strong medical and scientific community in Europe and work closely with leading specialists from various medical fields to obtain firsthand counseling about specific medical procedures, products or devices.

Whether it is a short and dynamic teaser video or a long and detailed informative corporate movie, our creative team based in Paris always strives to deliver quality content.

To create this engaging corporate movie, our creative team worked closely with highly experienced cinematographers, video producers, directors, editors, and sound designers.

At each step of the production process, which goes as follows:

  • Script writing
  • Storytelling
  • Storyboard (structure of the video)
  • Moodboard (styles, colors and fonts of the video)
  • Movie Production (shooting, editing, color calibration)
  • Customized music composition

we ensured we met the objectives of our client Lonza to convey their needs and intent in an impactful manner through our exemplary content curation and story illustration. Through a constant communication and complete collaboration with our client, we endeavored to create a professional and informative corporate movie

The shooting for this ambitious project lasted a full week, involving an experienced film crew and a carefully prepared ‘cinema’ set-up.

Our team consisted of a Project Manager, a Director, a Director of Photography, a Steadycamer and two electro assistants, guaranteeing a professional production of the highest standard.

For this project, we decided to shoot with state-of-the-art cinema cameras: the Arri Alexxa mini, accompanied by a Prime optical kit. This technical configuration enabled us to achieve exceptional image quality, highlighting every detail and offering a remarkable visual aesthetic. What’s more, the scenes took longer to set up than a conventional corporate shoot, because we paid particular attention to every aspect of the production.

The lighting of the scenes was a crucial element in creating the desired atmosphere. We invested in professional lighting equipment and our team worked meticulously to highlight the laboratory spaces and capture the essence of Lonza’s working environment.

In terms of post-production, we entrusted the colour grading process to a specialist studio, in order to obtain a high-tech blue rendering that perfectly matched Lonza’s image. In addition, the film’s music is an original creation composed especially for this project by a talented Swiss composer, adding a unique and personalised sound dimension to the whole.

Finally, to meet the client’s different needs, we delivered several versions of the corporate film, adapted to each intended use. This allowed Lonza to have specific content for internal presentations, customer meetings and online broadcasting, offering optimum flexibility in their communication.

Our cinematic approach and attention to detail resulted in a remarkable corporate film for Lonza, a testament to the expertise and professionalism of our video production agency.

Lonza - Switzerland
Drug Product Services

Createen’s videos, photo shots and project management were exceptional. We will most certainly be working with them again!
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