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Ten 23 asked Createen to realise and produce an institutional video to promote their pharmaceutical company and services. We filmed their R&D Labs and manufacturing facilities in VISP and Basel in Switzerland and edited the promotional institutional video.

Ten23 health is the human-centric and sustainable strategic partner of choice for the pharmaceutical industry and biotech start-ups for the development, manufacture, and testing of tomorrow’s medicines.

Createen has been working with Ten 23 health since their creation and keep creating promotional videos for them such as motion design…

Here, the objective was to realize and produce an institutional video of their pharmaceutical company to present their services as well as their facilities in Visp and Basel in Switzerland. We realized and produced the video for them in a very short term.

You want to present your company and services thanks to a very engaging promotional video?

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Ten23 Health
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July 2022
Promotion of the company
Institutional video
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How we did it
Createen has a long experience in realization and production of Institutional videos for global companies.

We first start to write the storytelling with our client and then move one with the storyboard. Before to go for filming (shooting), there is an important step in the production of an institutional video, the moodboard. In most pharmaceutical institutional videos, we use white and blue style to communicate on safety and technology. But here, Ten23 is a human centric CDMO company and wanted to communicate on their values, so we chose a good compromise between warm colors (like for natural ingredients in cosmetics) and cold colors like for pharmaceutical companies.

For this video, we went to VISP and Basel to film the R&D and Manufacturing facilities. Once filmed, we provide with a first raw editing for selection and then move to the final editing with voice over. Once the final video editing is validated, we go to a studio and proceed with color calibration and sound design. Formulation or Active Ingredients are designed to surpass clients and consumer expectations, all in compliance with regulations, authorities, laws…

Createen produces institutional videos for labs and manufacturing facilities for healthcare industries

Specialized in healthcare and beauty industries, we possess an unparalleled knowledge in each field which enables us to emphasize the key points and craft a strong proposal for each client.

Whether it is for cosmetic, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical companies, Research and Development (R&D) labs is a key step where are designed innovative products with high quality standards. Familiar with this environment, Createen is always taking the best shots by focusing on specific elements in macro view to tune the institutional video.

The manufacturing part shows the capacity of the client to produce technical products at an industrial scale. Skills of people, innovative technics, and processes, as well as modern infrastructure and equipment make the production unique. Createen has been producing institutional videos for pharmaceutical and CDMO companies for years and is familiar with GMP facilities, cleaning room and gowning process. To optimize the timing during the shooting, Createen and its filming crew has a specific set up for this type of institutional video.

At each step of the production process, we ensured we met the objectives of our client to convey their needs and intent in an impactful manner. Through a constant communication and complete collaboration with our client, we endeavored to create a professional and informative institutional video.We also communicate on the people in the company, including team spirit, knowledge, and skills. This usually go with nice offices, good working conditions as well as customers relationship and services. Createen filming crew is always cooperative with the employees and engage them into the video project to make them act and participating actively for some specific scenes.

To end with, an institutional video is a one of the most powerful communication supports, so it is not only about R&D and production, offices and services but also branding and values such as sustainability, people, RSE, planet, nature…

Createen is not only producing high quality institutional video but is also very familiar with its client’s environment and always keeping a professional eye on every little detail to make sure what is captured is in compliance with safety and regulatory so it can be used.

You are in healthcare industry and you would like to realise a beautiful institutional video to present your company?

Ten23 Health

Createen is able to capture the heart and soul of our organization and translate it into motion pictures that help to communicate what we do, how we do it and the why.
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