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Createen has developed digital solutions to showcase facilities, including a fully interactive Virtual Tour service for CDMOs and manufacturers. To showcase their facilities, Lonza asked Createen to develop a customized interactive Virtual Tour with a full interface.

Lonza is a fully integrated global CDMO with over 125 years of experience, that offers innovative development and manufacturing services and technologies from late phase drug discovery to market supply, from drug substance to drug product across a variety of molecule types.

We had previously made several corporate movies for Lonza’s facilities in Switzerland (Stucki Basel, Visp, Monteggio) and in the USA (Tampa -Florida) to showcase their laboratories. We also designed a virtual animation to present DPS (Drug Product Services) during the Grand Opening of their new lab in Basel.

This time, Lonza asked Createen to develop and design one single fully interactive interface so that they would be able to present all of their facilities worldwide easily online.

In collaboration with their strategic marketers, we designed the Lonza Virtual Tour, a micro-website dedicated to the virtual visit of all sites of Lonza in the world. This technology enables the user to visit facilities like he would visit an apartment online. In addition, to make it even more interactive we added video tags to provide more info of expertise a little bit like augmented reality on the different equipment…

You are a CDMO company and you want to create a virtual tour?

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2020 - 2022
Audit & Inspection
Showcase of Worldwide Laboratories
Pharmaceutical Facilities
Online Virtual Tour
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How we did it

Before this project, we already created a Virtual Tour experience for Lonza using Virtual Reality headsets during congresses. This project was already unique by combining all advantages of several technologies in the same experience like:
Real Time Virtual Reality
360° videos with 4K resolution thanks to rigs of cameras
3D animations and augmented reality over the 360° videos
– chromakey to integrate real people into 3D real time environment

In this experience, people could visit labs and facilities thanks to 360° videos but with the advantages of an immersive real time 3D Virtual Reality experience with interactivity to get more information, to change the rooms, to go to the movie theater and watch Lonza movies…

When the COVID-19 came, we designed a new Virtual Tour to refresh and make it easily accessible online. Also, with Strategic Marketers, we reviewed the different objectives to make this project not only a cool experience for customers but also very useful for audits and inspections.

With 10+ years of experience in creating immersive experiences and virtual tours for our clients, we have been able to developed several solutions to create a very playful and interactive experience.

You want to try?

Meet Createen VR Tour
The marketing leading solution for CDMO companies.

Our fully integrated solution create interactive 3D walkthroughs of your facilites and makes audits and inspections so much easier. 

With our new solution, we turn your physical spaces (facilities, labs, manufactures, offices….) into an interactive and immersive digital twin, and even more. 

Once created, your 3D digital twin is then customized with tags, labels, videos and even media library to make this virtual tour a fully customised guided tour. 

Want some more… what about it?

A virtual platform to guide your customers and show them where you are, for what modalities, at what stage. 

It is not just a virtual visit, it is a customised and guided interactive virtual tour dedicated to CDMO companies. 

Sites and companies over the globe use our solution and turned into the new digital world.

Lonza Biologics
Global Strategic Marketing

I would recommend Createen Agency anytime! They always deliver high quality products and results!
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