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Specialized in eye care and eye surgery products, Bausch & Lomb is one of our clients and a global leader in the field of healthcare. We collaborated with them to create a visually realistic video of cataract surgery to convey the benefits and characteristics of MICS needle used by surgeons during cataract surgery.

To visually amplify the functionality, characteristics and benefits of Bausch & Lomb’s MICS needle used in cataract surgery, we designed two versions of the project in three-dimensional animation in order to better satisfy the different needs of our client. Our goal was not only to create a visually pleasing and modern animation, but also enhance the visual experience of Bausch & Lomb’s clientele and facilitate their comprehension of complex medical terms. We therefore imagined a short and a long version of the video:

  • Short version: The objective of this short 3D surgery animation was for marketing and promotional purposes. It aimed at advocating the uses of the MICS needle and stimulating the sales of the product for our client.
  • Long version: The objective of this long 3D surgery animation was for educational purposes. It aimed to be used as material to educate Bausch & Lomb’s clientele about the complex technicality and functionality of the MICS needle involved in cataract surgery.
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Bausch + Lomb
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September 2020
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3D surgery animation
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How we did it

Thanks to our 10+ years of expertise in curating and providing digital marketing solutions for the healthcare & beauty industry, we possess an unparalleled knowledge in the field. We are part of a strong medical and scientific community in Europe and work closely with leading surgeons and doctors from various medical fields to obtain firsthand counseling about specific medical procedures.

For every project we undertake, we ensure that we first sought advisory and discussed about the medical process with our consultants to fully understand the concept and create a truly meaningful video for our clients. Whether it is a short and dynamic teaser video or a long and detailed informative corporate movie, our creative team based in Paris always strives to deliver quality content.

For Bausch & Lomb, in order to conceptually understand the functionality of the MICS needle used in cataract surgery, we worked closely with a leading French ophthalmologist with extensive experience in the field to help us design it through our creative 3D surgery animation.

To visually recreate in 3D the concept of a realistic video of cataract surgery, our creative team worked closely with highly experienced 3D animators, graphic designers and artistic directors.

At each step of the production process, which goes as follows:

  • Storyboard and script writing
  • MICS needle 3D modelling
  • 3D animation (modulation, texturing, lighting)
  • Sound Design…

… Our creative team collaborated and exchanged with our scientific & medical community to create a truly meaningful 3D surgery animation video of cataract surgery for our client Bausch & Lomb. The goal was to be as clear and visually pleasing as possible, all the while emphasizing on the procedure’s technical practicability with the help of  the MICS needle.

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