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Specialized in eye care and eye surgery products, Bausch & Lomb is one of our clients and a global leader in the field of healthcare. We collaborated with them to create a visually realistic video of cataract surgery to convey the benefits and characteristics of MICS needle used by surgeons during cataract surgery.

To visually amplify the functionality, characteristics and benefits of Bausch & Lomb’s MICS needle used in cataract surgery, we designed two versions of the project in three-dimensional animation in order to better satisfy the different needs of our client. Our goal was not only to create a visually pleasing and modern animation, but also enhance the visual experience of Bausch & Lomb’s clientele and facilitate their comprehension of complex medical terms. We therefore imagined a short and a long version of the video:

  • Short version: The objective of this short 3D surgery animation was for marketing and promotional purposes. It aimed at advocating the uses of the MICS needle and stimulating the sales of the product for our client.
  • Long version: The objective of this long 3D surgery animation was for educational purposes. It aimed to be used as material to educate Bausch & Lomb’s clientele about the complex technicality and functionality of the MICS needle involved in cataract surgery.
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Bausch + Lomb
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September 2020
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3D surgery animation
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How we did it

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

At Createen, we understand that every industry, whether cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical, or health, relies on a compelling narrative to make an impact. However, in the medical field, regulatory compliance is of paramount importance. National regulations impose specific requirements for advertising medical devices.

To assist our clients in navigating these intricate regulations, Createen has assembled a network of expert consultants with in-depth knowledge of the laws governing the marketing and promotion of medical devices across the world. This expertise ensures that our clients remain compliant while we support them with effective marketing strategies and claims.

Deep Understanding of Medical Technologies

At Createen, compliance is not our only strength. We pride ourselves on combining creative storytelling with technical precision. Medical equipment is inherently complex, incorporating numerous technologies that offer significant advantages to healthcare professionals (HCPs). It is essential for us to possess a strong understanding of engineering and medtech, allowing us to grasp the intricacies of different technologies and promote them creatively and accurately.

To further enhance our understanding, we collaborate closely with our network of partners, including surgeons who have hands-on experience with the equipment we promote. This invaluable insight not only benefits our sales representatives but also contributes to crafting compelling marketing content.

For Bausch & Lomb, in order to conceptually understand the functionality of the MICS needle used in cataract surgery, we worked closely with a leading French ophthalmologist with extensive experience in the field to help us design it through our creative 3D surgery animation.

Our ability to provide captivating storytelling, meticulously crafted storyboards, disclaimers, references, and mood boards for the visual style of images sets us apart in the industry.

Creative Excellence in Our Professional Studio

Our creative team, comprised of highly experienced 3D animators, graphic designers, and artistic directors, worked closely together to visually recreate the concept of a realistic video of cataract surgery in 3D.

To achieve the level of detail and exceptional quality demanded by such projects, we adopt a hands-on approach, organizing photo shoots, capturing the necessary pictures using specialized techniques.

These pictures serve as the foundation for our digital 3D models, meticulously created by our skilled 3D modelers using advanced software.

Once the files are ready, our animators bring the scenes to life, adhering to the approved storyboard. Voiceovers, when required, dictate the pacing and timing of each sequence.

To achieve the ultimate visual appeal, we add texturing and lighting to the equipment, creating depth and a realistic rendering.

Furthermore, our visual 3D animators fine-tunes the animation, adding complex motions and elements that transcend traditional 3D animation, resulting in an extraordinary finished product.

Finally, when the animation is used as a standalone piece or for congresses, our sound designer masterfully handles the voiceover and music, adding the perfect auditory elements to complement the visual spectacle.

At each step of the production process, our creative team collaborated and exchanged with our scientific & medical community to create a truly meaningful 3D surgery animation video of cataract surgery for our client Bausch & Lomb. The goal was to be as clear and visually pleasing as possible, all the while emphasizing on the procedure’s technical practicability with the help of  the MICS needle.

At Createen, we bring together compliance, technical expertise, and creative prowess to deliver exceptional healthcare marketing solutions that truly resonate with our clients and their target audiences.

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Not only Createen delivers high standard product, but they make it feel so easy. Easy to create, easy to execute and easy to work with. I would recommend anytime!
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