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5 reasons to use 3D medical animation

What is 3D animation & 3D medical animation

3D animation is a graphic technique that utilizes motion in order to bring characters, objects, props, and more to life. It is a process that relies on specific softwares dedicated to 3D animation, which allow the creation of three-dimensional moving images that evolve in a digital environment.

In the field of healthcare, 3D animation can be very useful to explain medical terms and procedures in an visually realistic and immersive manner. 3D medical animation can therefore be used for the creation of three-dimensional educational short films that intend to make complex medical and scientific concepts easily accessible and understandable to a wide audience. 

The role of 3D medical animation in healthcare

3D medical animation videos are primarily used in healthcare to familiarize, educate and train different types of individuals about complex and technical aspects of science and medicine. In other words, it helps bringing an innovative, creative and playful perspective to complicated subjects. 

Due to the complexity and technicality of certain medical procedures, treatments or devices, individuals with non-medical background can find it difficult to understand them. Therefore, in order to help patients, clients or investors have a better grasp on complicated concepts and procedures, healthcare companies often use creative ways to pitch their devices or products.

One way they can do this is by using 3D medical animation, which plays a vital role in the field of healthcare. For instance, pharmaceutical companies use 3D medical animation to explain a wide range of scientific concepts. From presenting a device used in cataract surgery to explaining what a coronary artery bypass graft is, 3D medical animation can visually materialize any concept, action or formula in a simplified yet methodological manner. The possibilities to use 3D medical animation to depict medical and scientific concepts are endless. This is largely due to its ability to provide an in-depth visualization for a wide audience and a large variety of topics, all the while ensuring an enhanced comprehension and a quick information retention.

The benefits of 3D medical animation in healthcare

There are several different benefits for healthcare companies to using 3D medical animation

  • Strong patient communication

By using 3D medical animation, healthcare companies and professionals can help their patients better understand complicated medical procedures. Thanks to an in-depth yet clear visualization of the human body’s internal mechanisms and the medical intervention, the dialogue between health professionals and patients is simplified

Several studies have shown and proven that using visuals to explain a complex scientific information leads to a better perception and quicker assimilation of the intended message. Unlike traditional formats used for visual communication such as photos and infographics, 3D animation includes movement and allows the viewer to pause, stop, and speed up to their convenience, resulting in a better understanding.

Moreover, 3D medical animation videos allow healthcare professionals to show their patients the details of a medical procedure without having to use footage of real-life medical procedures, which involve graphic details and can make the patients feel uncomfortable. Using 3D medical animation enables healthcare professionals to better communicate with their patients and create a feeling of trust. 

  • Educating healthcare professionals

Apart from its pivotal role in fostering a stronger and better communication with patients, 3D medical animation also plays a vital role in training and educating new surgeons and doctors. Healthcare companies and medical institutions often use 3D medical animation videos to explain a wide range of topics to their surgeons and students respectively. 

3D medical animation is favored due to its ability to illustrate with exceptional quality and precision the action or mechanism of specific active ingredients or devices, thus enabling new surgeons and doctors to visualize and understand their functionality in detail.

According to a research study, using 3D medical animation videos to train and educate new surgeons and doctors results in 19% higher comprehension when compared to traditional surgical videos. 

  • Marketing and Promotion

3D medical animation also plays a crucial role in marketing and promotional efforts of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to attract their target audience. Indeed, because their target audience usually don’t have any medical background, it is necessary to make their products or devices easy to understand. Showcasing products or devices in a clear, realistic and captivating manner is a great way to ensure a certain interest and even encourage a feeling of trust between professionals and consumers. With 3D medical animation, consumers can understand the functionality of products before buying them. 

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies also use 3D medical animation to pitch their products or devices to their investors. As investors don’t necessarily have any medical or scientific expertise, 3D medical animation is a powerful tool to not only help them familiarize themselves with the products or devices, but also immerse them in the universe of the company and prove its potential and professionalism. 

How Createen Agency uses 3D medical animation 

Due to our considerable expertise in providing digital marketing solutions to healthcare professionals, we constantly strive to make science and healthcare more accessible by creating unique and meaningful promotional material to our clients.

Our young, diverse, and incredibly talented creative team uses state of the art technologies and equipment to create high-quality 3D medical animation films for our clients from all around the world.

To know more about our 3D medical animation videos, please check our previous projects.

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