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Video Box: An Ideal Tool for Video Marketing

What is a video box?

A video box is a custom-designed innovative marketing tool, embedded with an in-built Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen and speaker with adjustable volume, that is reusable, rechargeable and replay-able. The objective of this display-based product is to effectively transfer the intended message of a brand or organization with a simple flip – without any wires, networks or security concern. 

In simple words, it is a customized box with LCD screen, data port and speaker that displays a video message of a brand or organization at the fingertips of their target audience.

Video boxes are also custom designed to fit various promotional items, product samples, educational tools and/or any other marketing items along with the video in the video box; enabling brands and organizations from various different fields such as education, health, cosmetics and others to specifically target their audience for a certain purpose in an effective manner.

Generally, video boxes, once opened, showcases a preloaded video of a brand or organization with a customized message intended towards their  target audience. Ranging from promotional message, educational message for training purposes and others. Thereby, resulting in making a strong statement and memorable experience for the receiver.

What are its uses?

​Over the years, using creative technologies such as video boxes, to create a meaningful impact and transfer a message has been an increasing trend in the marketing world. Particularly amongst business owners, B2B marketers, advertising agencies and/or any other organization with a video message to share. As the possibilities to use the video box is not limited to only a certain field or purpose. 

Due do it`s multifunctionality as a marketing tool and educational tool, businesses and organizations are increasingly adopting this creative technology, for it`s ability to deliver engagement and results in any sales campaign. Thus, usage of video boxes has become an integral part of various different businesses and industries marketing strategy.

Especially because of its affordable pricing and immense applications. Videos boxes are commonly used by organizations and businesses for:

  • Sales and Sales presentations
  • Marketing and Business proposals
  • Product launches 
  • Public relation
  • Education and training
  • Invitations
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • ​Direct mail and more

Benefits of Video Box

There are several advantages of using a video box for marketing, especially in an era of Web 2.0.

In a world, overloaded with marketing using creative technologies helps organizations and businesses to make a serious impact and stand out from the crowd. As the fundamental objective of using a creative marketing tool is to leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the target audience, that helps in quick retention and recalling of the brand name. 

What better way than to use video box, a sublime digital marketing solution made of superior technology and components with pristine quality and finish, that vows to enchant the beholder? 

Using a video box as a vital part of marketing strategy guarantees:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Lowers sales training cost
  • Leaves a long-lasting impression
  • Helps organizations stand out from the rest
  • Easily rechargeable, reusable, replay able.

What createen offers you

Createen agency work closely with his external partners to produce exceptional quality video boxes using latest technology and superior components. We featured video screens ranging from 3”-10” diagonal, encased in vivid full color custom printing either in gloss or matte finish. Every custom video box manufactured is rechargeable for more staying power and includes a hard drive for easy uploading of video(s).

Our offer further extends to not only customization of the exterior of the video box but also to the customization of the video included in the video box, to make it an easy process for our clients. We offer either on-location video shoots or careful selection of stock footages that best satisfies the needs of our clients, along with other customizations such as  3D animation, 2D animation, video editing, sound design and more.

With every customization we ensure we meet our client’s requirement with utmost precision and quality. Our custom video advertising solution is not only limited to video boxes, we also provide it in creative video brochures. 

For instance, Santen is one of our leading global pharmaceutical clients. Specialized in providing innovative ophthalmic products worldwide; we collaborated with a vision to create a video box with 3D animation video to convey the benefits and characteristics of their new medical device – Preserflo MicroShunt implant. 

video box with 3D animation video was predominantly created to satisfy 3 different needs of our client namely to promote, to train surgeons and to raise awareness about their new medical device to patients. Our creative team worked closely with international partners to produce a creative multipurpose video box with 3D animation video and other educational tools inside to educate and train patients and surgeons respectively.  

To further emphasize on the characteristics and functionality of Santen`s  Preserflo MicroShunt implant, 3D animation video was used along with a detailed leaflet in the video box that explains the functionality step by step. 

Every characteristic pertaining to Preserflo MicroShunt implant that were presented in the video box namely texture, structure and composure and others were designed with meticulous care in three-dimensional space for accurate depiction.  

Thus, to summarize on the details and description of our video box:

  • Screen size 7″
  • Portrait or landscape
  • ​HD all angle viewing
  • Built in 650mAh Lithium Battery with upto 2 hours battery life. Can be upgraded to 5 hours
  • Video supports: 3GP, MP4, ASF, AVI
  • 128MB Memory capacity. Can be upgraded to 4GB
  • 4C printing with matt or gloss finish
  • Micro USB / USB cable
  • Buttons can be added
  • ​Integrated speakers

What`s included in a video box?

  • Superior Video Components
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charge
  • Speakers with Adjustable Volume
  • Full Color Printing
  • Custom Tray to Hold Your Inserts
  • Matte or Soft-Touch Lamination
  • Instruction Card

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