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Promotion & MOA of Functional Ingredient

Ingredia is one of our leading clients in the dairy industry. They specialize in providing innovative dairy products and solutions to their food and beverage clients through a responsible production approach. We collaborated to create an advertising film that was aimed at explaining the benefits and action of their food supplement pep2dia by using  3D and 2D animation in combination with stock footage.

The advertising film was primarily imagined to be part of a web campaign to help our client Ingredia broadcast in drugstores. The secondary objective was to help our client Ingredia better explain the characteristics and benefits of their food supplement pep2dia and its action on glucose intolerance and the regulation of diabetes.

To visually highlight the action of pep2dia, we included scientific 3D animation in the advertising film. The goal of using scientific 3D animation was to showcase in detail the action of their food supplement, that is to say how it inhibits alpha-glucosidase and blocks the breakdown of sugar into glucose.

2D animated pictograms and graphs were used to further explain the benefits of pep2dia and the role of its unique patented bioactive in significantly lowering the blood glucose levels of an individual with glucose intolerance.

Designing a three-dimensional space facilitated the representation of abstract elements such as alpha-glucosidase, hydrolyses complex sugars or glucose, and allowed an accurate depiction of their role in the process.

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November 2020
Web campaign
Advertising film
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we create an advertising film for benefits and mode of action
Motion design and Scientific 3D animation
3D and 2D animation in combination with stock footage
Promotion & MOA of Functional Ingredient
How we did it

Thanks to our 10+ years of expertise in curating and providing digital marketing solutions for the healthcare & beauty industry, we possess an unparalleled knowledge in the field. Whether it is a short and dynamic teaser video or a long and detailed informative corporate movie, our creative team based in Paris always strives to deliver quality content.

We are part of a strong medical and scientific community in Europe and work closely with leading dietitians, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals with a strong knowledge of the industry and an extensive experience in the field to obtain firsthand counseling on food supplements.

In order to be as accurate as possible, we ensured that we sought advice and discussed about the benefits of pep2dia and its action on glucose intolerance and the regulation of diabetes with our community of healthcare professionals and specialists. This allowed us to fully understand the concept so that we could create a truly meaningful video for our client Ingredia.

To visually recreate the concept, our creative team worked closely together with highly experienced 3D animators, motion designers and artistic directors to create an impactful advertising film using 3D animation and 2D animation to showcase Ingredia’s medical grade food supplement pep2dia’s benefits and action.

At each step of the production process, which goes as follows:

  • Selecting stock footage
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboard (structure of the video),
  • Moodboard (styles, colors and fonts of the video),
  • Styleboard (recreational design of the video),
  • 3D animation (modeling, texturing, lighting)
  • Voice-over
  • 2D animation

… We ensured that we met the objectives of our client and that the benefits and action of the food supplement pep2dia were well understood. Through an active collaboration with our scientific & medical community and an open exchange with our client, we endeavored to answer their needs to create a purposeful and visually pleasing advertising film.

Ingredia - France
Dairy Experts

Createen has been supporting us for several years on the highlighting of our brands, in the context of filming and video production and we are very satisfied with their work. This young, dynamic and responsive team has always been proactive in our various projects. The exchanges are fluid, the team is understanding and we greatly appreciate their professionalism.
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