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Dental innovative implant

Createen has been producing 3D animated movies for medical companies for 15 years, including 3D animation for Mode Of Action, learning and training, and promotion. To promote their innovative dental implant on the IAPD congress in Maastricht, Lyra ETK asked Createen to produce a 3D animated promotional movie, picturing the mode of action of their implant, and highlighting the more biological approach of their implant philosophy.

A key player in implantology, Lyra ETK belongs to the STEMMER family group. A pioneer in the dental field, Armand STEMMER founded his first company in 1980 to become a true pioneer in digital dentistry. Lyra ETK offers a modern, global vision of care for the development of implantology.

We met Lyra’s marketing team while we were at the IDS Congress in May. We immediately linked, and short after that they contacted us for this project.

Lyra asked Createen to create a 3D animated clip that would showcase their innovative implant iBone, in which we could find informations regarding its functioning, its specifications, and its innovative concept in the way it was made: one of the main goal of Lyra with this movie was to promote their more biological approach in dental implantology.

In this video, viewers can discover the implant pictured with a colorful and realistic 3D animation, and see how it is getting implanted in the gingiva, with wordings explaining its features and specifications.

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Project Credits
Lyra ETK
Project Date
June 2023
Product launch at IAPD congress
Promotion of Implant
MOA 3D Animation
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3D Animator
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How we did it

We are used to create 3D animation to present the mode of action of the products, thanks to our 15 years long expertise in the field we knew exactly where we wanted to get, and how to do so.

Lyra ETK first sent us a briefing document, including all of the specificities of the implant that had to be in the video. We also received their graphic charter, and additionnal documents with some videos to take as examples of what they would like the video to look like in terms of colours, dynamics, visuals and music.

So then we presented a first proposal, in wich we first made a quick summary of Lyra’s brief, the main claims we retained of it in order to be sure that we understood well the assignement. Then, we presented the animations types we would use, and the script step by step with the different claims of it, accompanied by multiple moodboards between which Lyra’s team could choose for the graphic aspect of the video.

This proposition was adjusted with the feedbacks we got, back and forth until we came to the final proposal, which allowed us to get to the next step: the storyboard.

We cut the whole video into scenes, and put all necessary information for our creative team to execute the clip. Time code, colours, script, movements, wording, and a global description of what we are supposed to see on screen at each shot.

Just like the proposal, the storyboard was adjusted back and forth with the client’s feedbacks until the validated it. One of our main objective here at Createen is to always be as precise and faithful to reality (and to the client’s expectations) as possible, since it is one of the most important requirement to respect as a Health&Beauty marketing company.

We sent the final proposal and the storyboard to our creative team so that they could create the 3D animation with as much indications as possible.

Once the first draft of the video came back to us, here again we sent it to Lyra’s marketing teams so that they could give us so feedbacks.

Finally, we delivered the final version with adjustments, wordings, and sound design to Lyra’s teams, at the due date they gave to us when they first gave us the brief.

Lyra ETK
Dental Healthcare

We're delighted with this smooth, fast and proactive collaboration. The result lives up to our expectations.
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